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Boosters are objects that appear randomly on the map, and when eaten, give the worm a temporary bonus:

Boost m.png Health instantly gives +300 to the worm's actual length.
Boost poison.png Toxic makes the worm toxic for 1 minute. If the worm dies while being toxic, its mass remains toxic (green) and when another worm eats it, it will lose its length depending on the amount of the toxic mass it absorbed. The mass that the worm leaves behind when accelerated is also toxic. Toxic mass that wasn't eaten disappears after some time. The length of a worm that eats toxic mass can't go lower than 10 length points.
Boost r eat.png Magnet the range of collecting food increases by 100% for 1 minute.
Boost r vision.png Telescope the vision range increases by 20% for 1 minute.
Boost no m.png Mass Conservation when accelerating, the worm doesn't lose length for 1 minute.
Boost 06.png
Stretching increases the worm's length by 50% for 1 minute (without changing the mass).