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Your worm can not only slither, collecting food and boosters. As you gain length, you unlock various skills:

  • Acceleration - increases the worm's speed. It is unlocked upon gaining 11 length points. To use it, left-click or press Q on the keyboard. When using this skill you lose 10 points of length per second.
  • Stop - stops the worm while W key is pressed (no more than 5 seconds). Becomes available with 100 length points. To use it, press and hold the W key.
  • Ghost - makes the worm invisible for 5 seconds. While invisible, the worm can cross other worms without dying. The skill is unlocked after gaining 500 points of length. To use it, press E on your keyboard.

After using the second and third skill, a cooldown is required. If after a skill is unlocked, the worm's length becomes less than required for the skill, the skill is active till the game session ends.